St. Albert's Seminary in Nigeria

Tomi Asenuga needs our help to support St. Albert's Seminary in Nigeria.
Many of you know that our Harvard-educated colleague is an architect. What all of us may not know is that when he and his Serran wife, Christine, returned to Nigeria after serving two non-consecutive terms as our International President, they have not been idle.
When Alex and Ella Ducan visited Africa in 2004 they saw All Saints Seminary, designed at no charge by Tomi, and were welcomed by the Rector and students. Five years later, when it became evident that the seminary could not contain the numbers of young men who were preparing for the ministerial priesthood, Cesare visited a new site proposed for the creation of St. Albert the Great Major Seminary. Again, Tomi designed this new facility at no charge. Happily, the construction progresses on schedule without difficulty.
Currently, dormitories and classrooms are accommodating 181 students and teachers.  When this seminary officially opens in October 2015 it is designed to house and educate 350 to 400 seminarians.
Christine was approached through the Archbishop of Lagos to ask Serrans if they could provide 20 desk top computers for the Library. The cost amounts to $10,500.00 (USD).  John Liston asked me to write all Past International Presidents and others in my capacity as Chair of The Serra Foundation grants committee.
When I was President of The Serra Foundation, I repeatedly asked his predecessor, without success, for the names of consistent donors so that I could thank each personally for their commitment and generosity. Consequently, I do not know whether or not you are in the habit of
supporting Serra through its Foundation. If you have, thank you. If not, I hope you will.
We see each other, at best, once a year for a meeting and enjoyable dinner when we are able to attend the international convention. My hope is that the Serra world, and in particular the current Board of Trustees, will see our unity as a community of support.
Most of us may not have the talent to design a seminary like Tomi or underwrite the cost of this entire project but each of us can do something.  Here’s hoping you will contribute something as well.


Mary, Mother of vocations, pray for us.
Dennis Leiber